Sarpy County Republican 2018 General Election Slate Card


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The following are Registered Republicans Running for Office

To Represent Sarpy County


Federal Offices

U.S. Senator: Deb Fischer, (

U.S. House of Representatives, District 1: Jeff Fortenberry, (

U.S. House of Representatives, District 2: Don Bacon, (


State Offices

Governor: Pete Ricketts (

Lt. Governor: Mike Foley (

Secretary of State: Bob Evnen (

Attorney General: Doug Peterson

State Treasurer: John Murante (,

Auditor of Public Accounts: Charlie Janssen

Public Service Commission, District 3: Tim Schram

State Legislature, District 2: Robert Clements

State Legislature, District 14: John Arch (;

Board of Governors-Metropolitan Community College, District 1: Phillip Klein

Board of Governors-Metropolitan Community College, District 5: Steve Grabowski

Board of Governors-Metropolitan Community College, At large: Thom Sisson

Papio Missouri River Natural Resources, Subdistrict 8: Tim Fowler, Jim Kusek

Papio Missouri River Natural Resources, Subdistrict 10: Kevyn Sopinski

OPPD Subdivision 7: Mick Mines


Sarpy County Offices

County Assessor: Dan Pittman

County Attorney: Lee Polikov

County Clerk: Deb Houghtaling

Clerk of the District Court: Dori Heath

County Treasurer: Brian Zuger

County Sheriff: Jeffrey L. Davis

County Engineer: Dennis Wilson

County Commissioner, District 2: David Klug

County Commissioner, District 5: Jim Warren

City of Bellevue Candidates

Mayor: Rusty Hike, David B. Wees

City Council, Ward 2: Bob Stinson, John F. Hansen

City Council, Ward 4: Kathy Welch

City of Gretna Candidates

City Council, Ward 1: Richard Andrews

City Council, Ward 2: William Proctor

City of La Vista Candidates

City Council, Ward 2: Nicolas Crawford

City Council, Ward 3: Alan Ronan

City of Papillion Candidates

Mayor: David Black

City Council, Ward 1: Gene Jaworski

City Council, Ward 3: Steven Sunde

City Council, Ward 3: Troy Florance

City of Springfield Candidates

Mayor: Robert Roseland

City Council, At Large: Michael Herzog, Chad Nolte

Bellevue Public Schools

John Cook, Frank Kumor, Maureen McNamara, Kelly Bell Wallace

Gretna Public Schools

Jennifer Bullington, David Gulizia, Mark Hauptman,

Carter McCann (, Ann Sackett Wright

Millard Public Schools

Mike Kennedy, David Anderson

Papillion La Vista Community Schools

Brian Lodes, Fred Tafoya

Springfield Platteview Community Schools

Kyle Fischer, Brian Osborn, Cori Swanson, Brian Wichman


Sarpy County GOP E-Mail Contact:

NE Republican Party:
1610 N St., Lincoln, NE 68508

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