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We dedicate this platform with admiration and gratitude to:

The men and women of our military,

Of our law enforcement,

The first responders of Sarpy County

To all their families,

And all who stand strong in the face of danger

So that the citizens of Sarpy County may be protected.



The Platform of the Sarpy County Republican Party

The Sarpy County Republican Party presents its Platform and renews its dedication to the following beliefs:

  • We believe the strength of our county is in its people. We believe the input and participation of each person is critical to maintaining a government that encourages individual initiative and the free enterprise system and that has given our nation economic prosperity second to none.
  • We believe that good government should guarantee to its individuals equality before the law regardless of race, creed, age, gender, national origin, or income level and that each person’s ability, dignity, and freedom, as well as responsibilities, must be recognized and honored.
  • We believe that government’s only function is to do only those things which individuals cannot do for themselves.
  • We believe the foundation of the Republican Party is broad, and regardless of its position on any particular issue, all Sarpy County residents are welcomed to support Republican philosophy, principles, and candidates.



The Sarpy County Republican Party recognizes agriculture in all its many facets, including farming, ranching, and agribusiness. Agriculture is Nebraska’s primary industry and the cornerstone of its economy. We support the establishment of expanded markets as part of a fair and open global marketplace. We believe that a free market system is imperative to the fully functioning agricultural economy. There should be a free and open marketplace operating in fairness to family farms, ranches, and smaller and independent agribusiness operations. We encourage the enforcement of state and federal anti-trust laws to their benefit. We encourage incentives for new farmers and ranchers to help offset the dwindling number of Nebraska family farms and ranches. We encourage continuing research and development in agricultural products as well as the maintenance and support of research facilities. We further support programs designed to introduce creative agribusiness techniques and uses of agricultural products.


We reject the idea of manmade global climate change and recommend elected or appointed government officials oppose any advancement of legislation or bureaucratic regulation of carbon dioxide as a pollutant.

We adamantly renounce the tenets and authority of United Nations Agenda 21 and any associated organizations or groups to implement global environmental regulations of a local level and expect that all elected and appointed government officials will break all ties or contact with them.

We oppose actions by Congress that would increase the cost of energy to the U.S. consumers in the absence of clear proof that the current climate has been substantially changed by the activities of man and that any proposed solutions would be both science-based and cost-effective.


The Sarpy County Republican Party supports the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Nebraska. We believe the United States Constitution was established “in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

The purpose of government is to “secure the rights” of the people and the “protection of property,” and derives its “just powers through the consent of the governed.” We propose to defend the constitutions of both the Nation and the State of Nebraska and believe they are the best vehicles to ensure the freedoms of the people of this state.


“We the people of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union. . .provide for the common defence. . .”

The Sarpy County Republican Party recognizes that the first and most important duty of government is the safety and security of its citizens. Government should provide protection for all our people. We believe the policy of “peace through strength” is essential for both the preservation of America and the promotion of freedom and self-government. Our armed forces should be adequately compensated, equipped, and trained to be the finest soldiers in the world. We know that it is imperative to equip, train, and support our National Guard and the military stationed at Offutt Air Force Base.

We object to the assignment of women to combat units. We support a return to the policy of the United States military to exclude homosexuals and transgender individuals as a matter of good order, morale, and discipline.

We support the continuous strengthening of our military and funding of further development of any national defense system to help preserve and protect the United States and its citizens.


The Sarpy County Republican Party believes that a growing economy provides the best opportunity for citizens to support their families. A free market economy is the best way to achieve an expanding economy. Therefore, we support measures that encourage the development of new businesses, the expansion of existing businesses, and lead to a more broad-based economy.

We oppose any expansion of gambling in our state because gambling devastates the social and economic stability of individuals, families, and communities. It removes money from the local and state economies and deprives the citizens of monies that could be used to effect improvements to our infrastructure, education, and other necessities.

We believe that all public entities have the responsibility to Nebraskans and Americans to operate under balanced budgets and resist increasing taxes by managing their funds in a prudent and conservative manner. All public programs should be held accountable for elimination of waste and fraud.


The U.S. Constitution on education: Amendment X: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The constitution gives the federal government no role in education. Therefore, the Sarpy County Republican Party supports the elimination of the U.S. Department of Education and encourage all elected and appointed government officials to resist any effort to implement a national curriculum, such as Common Core State Standards, which violate parental rights and removes local control over curriculum. We urge citizens to require fiscal and educational accountability from policy makers, educational institutions, and educational professionals to assure that quality services are being rendered.

We believe that parents and guardians have the primary responsibility for their children’s education. We believe that each student should have the opportunity for an excellent academic education. Therefore, we support policies that provide parents with maximum control of the rearing of their children, including academic, moral, and religious education.

We support parental choice in education based on a program of vouchers or tax credits, thus creating better education through the principles of free market competition. These alternatives should include private, parochial, charter, and home schools.

We believe moral training based on principles established by God, under whom we profess to be a nation, should be returned to its proper and traditional place in the public schools. We oppose the instruction of Sharia law in our educational system.

We support statewide assessments of educational achievement and the administration of the ACT or SAT to all Sarpy County 11th graders. We oppose testing to identify physical, psychological, emotional or developmental disabilities without parental consent.

We do not support the establishment of regulations or policies in schools that benefit or create a special class of people, e.g., ethnic groups, homosexuals, transgenders, etc.


The Sarpy County Republicans support Nebraska in joining 48 other states by returning to a “winner take all” format for allocating our five Electoral College votes for president. We support a closed primary system.

We support the Electoral College for electing the President of the United States and oppose efforts to undermine this process.


We acknowledge the importance of coal in the production of electricity in our state, and we affirm President Trump’s acknowledgement of the use of coal for energy production. We oppose any efforts by the EPA to end the use of coal without providing any market based solution for energy production in our state.

We support the development and production of alternative fuels such as ethanol and biodiesel and the expansion of energy security within our nation. We also support other alternative sources of energy such as wind, hydrogen, and geothermal on condition that those energy sources are not subsidized in any way by the taxpayers (i.e., increasing the price of gas that does not contain alcohol.”)


The Sarpy County Republican Party recognizes that maintaining our quality of life will require clean air, water, and soil. We therefore support reasonable efforts, without excessive governmental regulation and taxes, to maintain the good environment that we now enjoy.

Policies concerning wetlands and endangered species must be balanced between environmental and economic concerns and should not threaten individual property rights.

We oppose the overreach of the EPA. Scientifically sound solutions to environmental problems must be sought through the free market system(without subsidies to make them able to compete) after thorough research by means of reputable and reliable resources.

We support oil and gas exploration in the United States, including Alaska and off our coasts. Barriers should be removed to encourage the building of new oil refineries in the United States.


The Sarpy County Republican Party believes that all citizens should have access to affordable, quality health care. We support measures that would give families control over their own healthcare with measures such as medical/health savings accounts.

The enactment of the “Affordable Care Act” has been a failure, as is any socialized medicine. We call on Congress to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act with market-based solutions. We oppose any attempt to socialize or nationalize the American health care system.

We oppose Medicaid expansion in Nebraska. We favor a tax policy that enhances the ability of individuals to purchase the health care of their choice in a free market system. Citizens should have the opportunity to have control over their own health care with measures such as medical/health savings accounts.

We oppose taxpayer-funded abortion and contraceptive services or referrals by any official in a public school. These decisions properly belong with parents and guardians.

We oppose taxpayer funding of any family planning programs that provide abortions or abortion referrals. We believe that all health care facilities, including abortion clinics, should be subject to the same state and federal regulations and inspections.

We support the elimination of any governmental funding for abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood. We abhor and condemn the recent revelations of Planned Parenthood videos revealing their sale of fetus’ organs and other body parts by Planned Parenthood.


The Sarpy County Republican Party recognizes the diversity of our country’s citizens, and we support and welcome people from all walks of life who wish to assimilate into our culture and become productive, law-abiding citizens. In fairness to legal immigrants, we support federal, state, and local efforts to stem the tide of foreign nationals violating immigration laws to illegally enter the United States. The immigration system must protect Nebraska workers and their wages.

It is imperative that the laws that govern our immigration system be enforced to ensure that those immigrating to the United States desire to live according to the laws of our land, have respect for our nation and its heritage, and wish to assimilate the American way of life.

We oppose providing taxpayer funded benefits to those who have broken our immigration laws. We encourage the Legislature to repeal taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. We strongly oppose any means of amnesty and the use of funds, federal or state, to provide social services to individuals who illegally reside in this county.

We affirm the Governor’s request to all refugee resettlement agencies in Nebraska “decline to participate in potential resettlement efforts,” to enhance the safety and security of all Nebraskans.

In this time of terrorism, drug cartels, human trafficking, and criminal gangs, the presence of unidentified individuals pose grave risks to the safety of Nebraskans.

“Sanctuary cities” violate federal law and should not be eligible for federal funding.


“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

The Sarpy County Republican Party first recognizes the worth of the individual.

We believe that all human beings have an inalienable right to life which is endowed by their Creator from the moment of conception to natural death and which the state exists to protect.

We therefore affirm that government acts outside its authority when it grants anyone the right to take an innocent life. We support the reversal of Roe vs. Wade and an amendment to the United States Constitution banning abortions except those genuinely needed to save the life of the mother. We reaffirm our support for appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of innocent human life.

We oppose using public revenues for abortion, and our Party will not fund organizations that advocate it. We are strongly opposed to any form of euthanasia or assisted suicide, and we believe that the traditional criteria for death should be applied before organ harvesting is allowed.

We commend those who provide alternatives to abortion by meeting the needs of mothers and families and by offering adoption services.

We affirm the family (persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption) as the natural indispensable institution for human development. The family nurtures those qualities necessary to maintain and advance civilization. America’s strength comes from its families, its neighborhoods, and its moral heritage.

We support measures that strengthen the family and marriage which is its true foundation. We oppose laws that intrude unnecessarily on the rights of the family, contribute to the dissolution of the family, or interfere with parental rights. We believe that the institution of marriage is crucial to the American family. We define marriage as the legal union of one man and one woman. We believe that the citizens of each state have the right to define marriage in their state, and that the usurpation of that right by the U.S. Supreme Court was wrongful.

We urge Nebraska to continue to remove obstacles to the permanent placement or adoption of foster children in homes offering strong family life based on traditional values. We oppose state-sponsored discrimination against faith-based adoption agencies.

We call attention to the problem of child and spouse abuse and neglect, and pornography, which strike at the roots of our families.

We deplore the emphasis of sex and violence in the media and encourage all citizens to actively discourage such emphasis. We condemn sex slavery and trafficking. More people live in slavery today than at any other time in world history. Millions are being bought, sold, and exploited for sex in one of the fastest-growing industries on earth. We call on all government officials, law enforcement, and citizens to work together to bring an end to this deplorable practice.

Official Language

We support a constitutional amendment and legislation establishing English as the official language of the United States as it is in Nebraska.


The Sarpy County Republican Party recognizes the qualities that have made the United States an exceptional nation: the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” the right to vote, the right to free speech, the right to privacy, the ability to change one’s status in life, the right to fair trials.

Recognizing the extraordinary character of our nation, we thus support Nebraska Revised Statute 79-724 and call on all educational institutions to comply with the regulations set forth in the statute. In essence, it states that the citizens should “be fully acquainted with the nation's history and that he or she be in full accord with our form of government and fully aware of the liberties, opportunities, and advantages of which we are possessed and the sacrifices and struggles of those through whose efforts these benefits were gained.” Further that “it is one of the first duties of our educational system to conduct its activities, choose its textbooks, and arrange its curriculum in such a way that the love of liberty, justice, democracy, and America will be instilled in the hearts and minds of the youth of the state.” An informed, loyal, just, and patriotic citizenry is necessary to a strong, just, and prosperous America.

We support a Federal Constitutional amendment to ban the desecration of the American flag.


Violent radical Islamic Jihad presents a clear and present danger to the peace and stability of our nation and to the world at large. Islamic Jihad is committed to the destruction of Western civilization, the denial of religious freedom, and the subjugation of women. We are committed to defending our freedom and defeating Islamic terrorists.

We further support the denial of entry to Nebraska and to the United States men and women from nations that support terrorism and that are breeding grounds for terrorist activity.

Our safety must be the guiding principle of criminal justice. This requires a judicial system that imposes swift and sure punishments, including death for heinous crimes, strict incarceration for violent crimes, and creative punishment for non-violent crimes.

We support the work of law enforcement across the state.

We recognize the dangers of the widespread abuse of drugs and the excessive use of alcohol to all members of society. It is imperative that the justice system strictly enforce laws to control and punish those who deal in illegal drugs.

We oppose the legalization of marijuana and other controlled substances. We recognize the need to increase the availability of drug and alcohol prevention and rehabilitation.

We support the second amendment to the Constitution: “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” and oppose legislation that would have the effect of denying individuals or families this right. We support the legislation in Nebraska for citizens to have the right to concealed carry permits.

In this time of terrorism, drug cartels, human trafficking, and criminal gangs, the presence of unidentified individuals pose grave risks to the safety of Nebraskans.


The Sarpy County Republican Party believes that our senior citizens deserve the opportunity to live their lives with dignity and with continued confidence in the integrity of the Social Security system. We recognize that the financial support and long-term health care of our older members has become a matter of significant concern.

We believe that the solvency of Social Security is the continuing responsibility of our elected officials. We therefore ask that our officials discontinue the “robbing” of Social Security funds for purposes other than that for which they were intended.

We favor policies that make it easier for individuals and families to provide for retirement without relying on governmental support.

Long-term health care is the greatest unmet essential need faced by older Americans. We encourage and support the private and charitable sector’s role in providing adequate, affordable long-term health coverage and support legislation to make it easier for them to do so. We are committed to saving Medicare by putting it on sound financial footing.


The Sarpy County Republican Party recognizes the need for some citizens to have assistance from society, churches, and governmental agencies. Every effort should be made to help them become self-supporting, productive citizens with pride in their independence. We support welfare reform policies to re-establish the traditional family structure and to prevent abuse of welfare programs that lead to multi-generational dependency. We support drug testing for citizens seeking governmental aid. We oppose social services for illegal immigrants.


We support the establishment of fair and equitable policies of taxation. Burdensome taxes and regulations that unduly interfere with and impede free market economics decrease opportunity and increase suffering.

We favor a tax policy that supports and strengthens the American family. We seek to allow families to prosper, rather than being driven into the arms of government, seeking services they can no longer afford, lowering their self-worth and confidence because of the heavy burden of taxation.

We believe that the input and participation of each person are critical to maintaining government which represents and encourages individual initiative and the free enterprise system. Home ownership expands personal liberty, builds communities, and helps Americans create wealth. It is best fostered by a growing economy with low interest rates, prudent regulation, financial education, and targeted assistance to responsible borrowers in order to prevent another housing collapse.


The Sarpy County Republican Party believes President Abraham Lincoln expressed it best when he stated that the obligation of our government was to “care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan.” We believe this has been the “implied contract” between the federal government and its citizen soldiers since this nation was formed.

Recognizing the special sacrifices of those that are serving and have served in our nation’s armed forces, we support reasonable compensation and state income tax exemption for the pay of Nebraska residents on active duty and for retirement benefits of veterans and their survivors. We further support federal policies granting veterans greater flexibility and access to rightfully earned medical care.

The Right to Vote

We believe elections are vital to our republican form of government. The election system needs to be reliable to ensure that each person’s vote counts.

We call for the passing of a voter verification procedure by our state legislature or via a ballot process. At the time of registration and before voting during an election, a person must bring a photo ID such as a Nebraska driver’s license or an approved government issued photo identification.

The Constitution gives Congress authority to conduct the decennial census “in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.” In order to preserve the principle of one person, one vote, we urge our elected representatives to ensure that citizenship, rather than mere residency, be made the basis for the apportionment of representatives among the states.