The Initiative Reads:

“Shall Nebraska statutes be amended to provide that the state shall amend its Medicaid state plan to expand eligibility for medical assistance to cover certain adults ages 19 through 64 whose incomes are one hundred thirty-eight percent (138%) of the federal poverty level or below as defined by Federal law, and to maximize Federal financial participation to fund their care?”


Information gathered from “Americans For Prosperity”

  1. Will create “an unsustainable burden on taxpayers”

  2. Will crowd out resources for the truly needy

  3. Other states where Medicaid has been expanded—enrollment spending has “far outpaced” the estimated expenses

  4. States have had to “raise taxes” or “impose higher fees on service providers” to cover the increased cost

  5. Expansion would undoubtedly lead to higher taxes to cover the costs, in a state that already has the 1wth highest property taxes per capita in the U.S.

  6. Initiative 427 would be expanded to cover “able-bodied, childless, working-age adults” and leave the most “vulnerable” Nebraskans with less access to health care because of the expansion of the pool of beneficiaries



  1. Lawmakers accept funding from Obamacare to expand Medicaid

  2. The federal government temporarily pays for the new program

  3. Federal funding scales down after two years, leaving Nebraska health care providers on the hook

    for millions in new spending

Information from Governor Ricketts’ Website

  1. History has shown that taking money from taxpayers and giving it to another group of individuals through an entitlement program does not result in real or sustainable economic development.

  2. Medicaid expansion . . . would be an expensive burden for Nebraska taxpayers, adding an additional $158 million burden to the state budget and competing with other budget priorities like meaningful property tax relief or future roads funding.

  3. Expanding Medicaid in Nebraska is a risky proposition . . . because we cannot trust the Federal Government’s long-term financial commitment to state programs.

Some Proponents of the Initiative from,_Medicaid_Expansion_Initiative_(2018)

State Senator Bob Krist (Democratic gubernatorial candidate)

State Senator Adam Morfeld (Democrat)

AARP Nebraska

ACLU of Nebraska

Community Action of Nebraska, Inc.

The Fairness Project

League of Women Voters of Greater Omaha

Nebraska State Education Association

Service Employees International Union

PFLAG Grand Island

Planned Parenthood Voters of Nebraska